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About us

Newbatteria is a professional manufacturer and supplier specializing in development of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and power systems.Our company established in 2014,main founders have 6 years experience in the battery industry,Focusing on lithium ion(li-ion battery),lithium iron phasphate battery(lifepo4 battery ),lithium titanate battery (LTO Battery) applicationtions and provide global techinal support. Our products are widely used in solar energy storage systems,ups,telecom base energy stroage station,Low-speed electric vehicles (like electric tricyles,electric motorcycles,electric bicycles),Golf carts,yachts,fishing boats, outdoor camping power supply,camping car/car auxiliary power supply,outdoor lights,solar steet lightings etc. With years of design and developement experience,and a good quality control system,our company will provide customers with the best battery energy sotrage solutions.



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