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Auto-Stop Lifepo4 Battery

Our latest generation of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, featuring start-stop functionality, is the ideal choice for your vehicle. Whether you frequently drive short distances or embark on long journeys, our battery technology provides an efficient, reliable and durable solution that reduces unnecessary emissions and energy waste. Our battery allows you to smoothly start and stop in city traffic, saving on fuel consumption and reducing pollution. It also offers stability and reliability in low-temperature environments, ensuring peak performance at all times. Let our battery help you achieve a more environmentally friendly, cost-effective and efficient way of driving.

Auto-stop: To solve the problem of slow start when some vehicles frequently start and stop;

Forcestart: Can start again when the battery is completely dead, without the trouble of jumper cables;

Bluetooth: Monitor the real-time status of the battery through a mobile app.

Undergoes strict quality inspections before shipment

Electrical safety testing.

Performance testing.

Durable aging testing.

Vibration transportation testing.

Waterproof level testing.


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