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newbatteria lithium battery product

Newbatteria  has high-quality battery materials and strict quality control standards, providing customers with reliable, high-performance lithium battery products and professional technical support

1.The smart BMS can result in high protection of over-charging, over discharging, over current, short circuit control for our lithium battery packs

2.Up to 10 times more life than lead-acid batteries for our lithium battery packs

3.High fast charging efficiency, can support 0.5-1 hour fast charging without damage lithium battery packs

4.A range of Bluetooth connection technology can realize 10 meters operating and monitoring the performance of each lithium battery packs

5.No fire, no explosion, no burnt in abuse conditions for our lithium battery packs

6.The weight of a lithium battery pack is 1/4th of other comparable batteries such as SMF, lead acid batteries


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